Organizing Committees

Local Organizing Committee

  • J. Kolbeck, George Washington University, USA

  • D. Zolotuchin, George Washington University, USA

  • J. Milberg, George Washington University, USA

  • L. Brieda, Particle-in-cell Consulting Inc

International Executive Committee

  • S. Xu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • M. Keidar, George Washington University, USA

  • I. Levchenko, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore / Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • Y. Raitses, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA

  • S. Mazouffre, CNRS, France

  • L. Detian, Lanzhou Institute of Physics, China

  • A. Reissner, ENPULSION, Austria

  • S. Yan, Beijing Institute of Control Engineering, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation

  • R. Boswell, Australian National University, Australia

  • F. Taccogna, CNR-Nanotec – P.Las.M.I. lab, Bari, Italy

  • S. Shinohara, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

  • Y. J. Ding, Harbin Institute of Technology, China