Plasma medicine is an emerging field combining plasma physics and engineering, medicine, bioengineering to use plasmas for therapeutic applications. MpNL research focus is on cold plasma effect on cell migration and development of cancer therapy based on cold atmospheric plasma.

One of the most promising applications of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is cancer therapy. Convincing evidence of CAP selectivity towards the cancer cells has been accumulated. MpNL is engaged in research on various aspects of CAP application in cancer such as the role of reactive species (reactive oxygen and nitrogen), cell cycle modification, in vivo application, CAP interaction with cancer cells in conjunction with nanoparticles, and computational oncology applied to CAP.

Current projects

  • Physics of atmospheric plasma jet
  • Discharges in media
  • Self-organization of atmospheric discharges
  • Plasma-stimulated media
  • Mechanism of plasma selectivity
  • Plasma application for cancer treatment in vivo
  • Pre-clinical studies
  • Nanoparticle interaction with cells