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Our mission has many objectives, some of which are to test our developed thrusters as well as the communication systems, pulse frequency on data transmission, and star identification algorithms

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The partners we worked with and the sponsors that made this whole thing possible

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Electrical Power System

The power and battery system will store energy for the craft as well as supply it to all processes that require it.

Solar panels will produce the energy necessary in order for the satellite to maintain  all of its functions

On-Board Computer

This monitors the health and battery of the system as well as processing ground base instruction to command all actions on the satellite. It also collects, stores, and encodes data for the ground station.

Attitude Determination and Control System

the ADCS software component will determine the satellite’s position and orientation in space and will evaluate the required actions for proper alignment. Additionally, the ADCS will be responsible for determining the required input to the thruster payload of the satellite.

Communication Systems

Allows us to send and receive data to and from a ground station. This can be later be expanded to multiple ground stations and broadcasting networks.

This contains the thruster assembly which is used to maneuver the satellite

It also contains a camera that will take photos in space and send them back down to our research station