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News and Events

MpNL's spring 2020 seminar schedule can be found here.

MpNL Group (Spring 2020)  

Hello Everyone, this a group photo of our lab members and contributors. We look forward to a productive semester!

CubeSat Technology Event  

On October 18, 2018, Space & Satellite Professionals International and George Washington University hosted a presentation of GWU research into the development of CubeSat technology and applications. This presentation was followed by a tour of the MpNL research facilities. Thanks to everyone who participated!

IWMC 2018  

MpNL is hosting the 2018 International Workshop on Micro-propulsion for Cube Satellites from July 31 - August 1! Academic institutions from various countries as well as US Government agencies are presenting their research for viable alternatives to propel cube satellites .

ICOPS 2018  

MpNL participated in the 2018 International Conference on Plasma Science held from June 24 to 28 in Denver, CO. The research presented by our group included developments on micro-thrust characterization, atmospheric plasma for medical applications, and plasma jet diagnostics. Dr. Keidar moderated a session on plasma research for biological applications ranging from agriculture, decontamination, and cancer treatment.

linkedin. CANYVAL-X satellite with cathode arc thruster launched! linkedin MPNL to participate in NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative.

GW Today. GWU thruster licensed by Vector Space. GW Today

GW Today. MPNL receives grant to expand research on plasma-based cancer therapies.  GW Today

ICOPS. MPNL participates in 2017 International Conference on Plasma Science.ICOPS

GW Hatchet. GWU microthruster is used by NASA Goddard mission. GW Hatchet

JPhys. MpNL publishes paper highlighting cold plasma treatment for brain tumor. JPhys

GW Today. GW Researchers’ Plasma Thruster Reaches Space. GW Today

Phys.Org: NASA engineer awaits launch of CubeSat mission demonstrating virtual-telescope tech: GWU microthruster is used by NASA Goddard mission. Feb. 19, 2016.

AIAA Aerospace America: GW micro-propulsion work was mentioned in the AIAA Aerospace America annual review on electric propulsion, published in December 2015.  A micropropulsion system developed at the George Washington University successfully launched into space at the end of May 2015.

Review of Ophthalmology, August 2015, Plasma Technology in Ophthalmology RO

GW TODAY, June 15, 2015, GW researcher’s plasma thruster reaches space GW Today

Lab Talk (IOP), February 2015, Electric propulsion for small satellites IOP

Material Views (Wiley) highlighted special issue on "plasma & cancer". materialsviews

AIAA Aerospace America: GW micro-propulsion work was mentioned in the AIAA Aerospace America annual review on electric propulsion, published in December 2014.  New micro thrusters for cube satellites are being developed by GW’s MicroPropulsion and Nanotechnology Laboratory.

IEEE Spectrum: “Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes Join Forces to Tackle Supercapacitors”. IEEE

EETimes: “Ultracapacitor Breakthrough May Recharge Energy Storage” . EETimes

Science Recorder: “Ultracapacitors built with carbon nanotubes and graphene deliver high performance at low cost”. Science Recorder

Discovery: “Super Energy Combo Could Charge Car in Minutes”, Discovery

R&D Magazine: High performance and low cost capacitors R&D

The Christian Science Monitor: “How a lab accident could revolutionize energy storage”. CSM

American Institute of Physics (AIP), ScienceDaily: 





NSF I-Corps Program: video commercial for the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program.  Graphene Team is featured in the video. What is I-Corps?

GW Media Release: The George Washington University Hosts Record-Size International Electric Propulsion Conference.