Welcome to MpNL

In 2007, Dr. Michael Keidar founded The Micro-propulsion and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MpNL) at GWU to expand our understanding of plasma and nanoscale phenomena.

MpNL research approach combines theoretical and empirical activities in synergy. Our theoretical research is primarily focused on developing analytic models and simulation methods, while our experimental activities aim to validate theoretical models or offer insights not provided by theory. MpNL has an array of sophisticated instrumentation and infrastructure to support fundamental and applied research in plasma and nanoscale physics. MpNL has ongoing collaborations with the GWU Institute for Nanotechnology, The GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences, other universities, and government laboratories.

MpNL researchers focus mainly in three plasma-related applications: (1) propulsion, (2) nanotechnology, and (3) biomedicine. In this video, Dr. Keidar discusses current efforts investigate the of use cold plasma to treat cancer cells.

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